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Carla & Kristie run an established family business, priding themselves on an inclusive environment which they instil in every member, regardless of your age or ability – you can ALWAYS train with us.


Working from a well equipped unit which Carla also runs her very successful Personal Training business from. Carla and Kristie each bring their own unique style, ideas and personality which offers something individual to the client and each session.

Their focus and passions are Strength and Conditioning training, Sports Massage Therapy and promoting physical and mental well-being, with each area complimenting the other.

Members may choose one particular style of training or a combination of Personal training along side classes depending on their goals, wants and needs. 
Promoting positive choices, encouragement and support what ever it is you decide to do.

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Fitness classes ran by positive, passionate coaches. Delivering varied Strength

& Conditioning sessions.

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Our Classes

Join Fitfam and Transform Your Body and Mind


FIT Classes

A class which incorporates and challenges all aspects of fitness. Developing muscular strength and endurance, cardio fitness, body composition and mental well being.

This class is for all ages and abilities.

Lift Classes

A class which focuses purely on Strength training. Focusing on lifting weights, body weight exercises and most importantly correct techniques, movement patterns and mobility.

Leave your ego at the door please! This in not about who can lift the heaviest weights – but about educating, lifting in a safe and controlled environment, whilst feeling physically and mentally strong.

*This is a mixed class of all ages and abilities – whether you’re well versed in lifting weights or you’ve never done anything like this before – having two coaches in every class allows us to give you the attention you need.


"Amazing team, No matter what age you are. Everyone is very welcome and you are always made to feel good about yourself"

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