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About Fitfam

Carla & Kristie run an established family business, priding ourselves in an inclusive enviroment which we instil in every member, regardless of your age or ability – you can ALWAYS train with us.


We work from a well equipped unit which Carla also runs her very successful Personal Training business from. Carla and Kristie each bring their own unique style, ideas and personality which offers something individual to the client and each session.

Our focus and passions are Strength and Conditioning training, Sports Massage Therapy and promoting physical and mental well-being, with each area complimenting the other.

Our members may choose one particular style of training or they may combine Personal training along side different classes depending on their goals, wants and needs. 
We promote positive choices, encourage and support what ever it is you decide to do.

The Coaches

Carla & Kristie Graham

aka The Ginger Twins

We decided to set up a fitness company back in 2017 originally with our two cousins (Joanne and Chris Grout) on board. We’d talked about our passions: our individual journeys of fitness throughout our lives. As we grew, our commitments changed our cousins took a step back, however we realised our commitment, drive and love for this community, it only made sense  to grow and inspire together as a duo.

Our background in fitness is vast, keen sportswomen throughout school, we thrived in one area - anything to do with sport.

We chose one love; which at the time was the Heptathlon.... we were completely engrossed in the track and field events which saw us compete at a reasonably high level.


This is also where our coaching journey began. At the young age of 15 we were qualified coaches helping guide the County Under 15’s multi-event team.

We have continued to explore sports, health and fitness; leading us down different paths as we move through life, however one thing remains at the forefront; which is our passion for people, sports, fitness, mental and physical health. We love nothing more than to enrich, inspire and encourage everyone around us to think about all aspects of their health and well-being. 

We’re in this for the long haul, seeing our members grow, becoming fitter, stronger more determined and consciously thinking about their health and well-being is something we both fall in love with more every day. 

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